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Tom's Story

My 16 Year Friendship with a Homeless Man

Jo-Ann C. Oosterman

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Eye of the Ocean

Janice Landry

Chasing Paradise

Chris Benjamin

Walking The Camino

On Earth As It Is

Maryanna Gabriel

High Adventure

Tales of Canadian Rock & Roll Survival

Ritchie Henman

Dulse to Donairs.jpg

A Mother's Betrayal

John Elliott

Dulse to Donairs
Steven Laffoley

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Behind The Mic

Rick Howe


McNutt's Island Journal
Elizabeth Walden Hyde

Writing With My Eyes

Angela Parker-Brown

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Steven Laffoley

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The Kimchi Experiment
Beth Ann Knowles

Shadowboxing 2nd Edition
Steven Laffoley

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The Perfect Day

The Perfect Day
Harry Bruce

Nova Scotia Politics
Graham Steele

The Hermit of Africville 10th Anniversary Edition
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Nova Scotia Shaped by the Sea by Lesley Choyce
Halifax and Me by Harry Bruce

Halifax and Me

Harry Bruce

Working From Home for a Harmonious Life.
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No Thanks I want to Walk.jpg

No Thanks,
I Want to Walk

Emily Taylor Smith

Around the Province in 88 Days
Green Ghost, Blue Ocean by Jennifer M. Smith

Green Ghost, Blue Ocean

Jennifer M. Smith

The Painted Province by Joy Snihur Wyatt Laking
Daring, Devious, and Deadly by Dean Jobb

The Painted Province

Joy Snihur Wyatt Laking

Against the Grain: A Biography of Dr. John Savage by Lindsay Ruck

Against the Grain

Lindsay Ruck

End of the Line by Mike Parker

End of the Line

Mike Parker

In Two Voices by Linda E. Clarke and Michael D. Cusimano

In Two Voices

Linda E. Clarke, 

Michael D. Cusimano

The Legend of Gladee's Canteen by David Mossman
An Imperfect Healer by Larry Kramer

An Imperfect Healer

Larry Kramer, MD

Rum Tales by David Mossman

Rum Tales

David Mossman

Sculpting Towards the Light by Luigi Costanzo
Awakening My Heart by Andrea Miller

Awakening My Heart

Andrea Miller

Mean Streets by Steven Laffoley

Mean Streets

Steven Laffoley

Silver Linings by Janice Landry

Silver Linings

Janice Landry

Teaching at the Top of the World by Odette Barr
Louisbourg or Bust by RC Shaw
One Strong Girl by S. Lesley Buxton

One Strong Girl

S. Lesley Buxton

The Tides of Time by Suzanne Stewart

The Tides of Time

Suzanne Stewart

Memoir: Conversations and Craft by Marjorie Simmins
The Peddlers by Blain Henshaw

The Peddlers

Blain Henshaw

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