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Halifax Nocturne by Steven Laffoley

Halifax Nocturne

Steven Laffoley

Lucy Cloud by Anne Levesque

Lucy Cloud

Anne Lévesque

Never Speak of this Again by Brenda MacLennan-Dunphy

Never Speak of

This Again

Brenda MacLennan-Dunphy

Caplin Scull by M T Dohaney

Caplin Scull

M.T. Dohaney

Black Snow by Jon Tattrie

Black Snow

Jon Tattrie

Music in the Dark by Anthony Sherwood

Music in the Dark

Anthony Sherwood

Ghost Waters by Darryll Walsh

Ghost Waters

Darryll Walsh

The Blue Tattoo by Steven Laffoley

The Blue Tattoo

Steven Laffoley

Tapestry of Green by Bruce Graham

Tapestry of Green

Bruce Graham

Down The Coaltown Road by Sheldon Currie

Down the Coaltown Road

Sheldon Currie

Runaway Horses by Alfred Silver

Runaway Horses

Alfred Silver

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