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Rum Tales by David Mossman

Rum Tales

David Mossman

Mean Streets by Steven Laffoley

Mean Streets

Steven Laffoley

The Peddlers by Blain Henshaw

The Peddlers

Blain Henshaw

End of the Line by Mike Parker

End of the Line

Mike Parker

Threads in the Acadian Fabric by Simone Poirier-Bures

Threads in the

Acadian Fabric

Simone Poirier-Bures

Where Duty Lies: A New Brunswick Soldier in the Trenches of World War I by John Cunningham

Where Duty Lies

John Cunningham

Breaking Disaster: Newspaper Stories of the Halifax Explosion by Katie Ingram

Breaking Disaster

Katie Ingram

Rescue at Moose River by Blain Henshaw

Rescue at Moose River

Blain Henshaw

Nebooktook: In the Woods by Mike Parker


Mike Parker

All Hands Lost by Blain Henshaw

All Hands Lost

Blain Henshaw

Oceans of Rum: The Nova Scotia Banana Fleet in Rum-Runner Heaven by David Mossman

Oceans of Rum

David Mossman

Our Sable Island Home by Sharon O'Hara with Mary O'Hara

Our Sable Island Home

Sharon O'Hara

Going Over: A Nova Scotian Soldier in World War I by David Mossman

Going Over

David Mossman

An Ordinary Hero: The Story of David Goldbery WWII Canadian Spitfire Pilot by David S. New

An Ordinary Hero

David S. New

Cornwallis: The Violent Birth of Halifax by Jon Tattrie


Jon Tattrie

Destination White Point by Frances Jewel Dickson

Destination White Point

Frances Jewel Dickson

Otto Strasser in Paradise: A Nazi in Nova Scotia by H. Millard Wright

Otto Strasser in Paradise

H. Millard Wright