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Halifax and Me by Harry Bruce

Halifax and Me

Harry Bruce

Ode to the Unpraised by Abena Beloved Green

Ode to the Unpraised

Abena Beloved Green

Green Ghost, Blue Ocean by Jennifer M. Smith

Green Ghost,

Blue Ocean

Jennifer M. Smith

Against the Grain: A Biography of Dr. John Savage by Lindsay Ruck

Against the Grain

Lindsay Ruck

Silver Linings by Janice Landry

Silver Linings

Janice Landry

Awakening My Heart by Andrea Miller

Awakening My Heart

Andrea Miller

An Imperfect Healer by Larry Kramer

An Imperfect Healer

Larry Kramer, MD

In Two Voices by Linda E. Clarke and Michael D. Cusimano

In Two Voices

Linda E. Clarke, 

Michael D. Cusimano

One Strong Girl by S. Lesley Buxton

One Strong Girl

S. Lesley Buxton

Threads in the Acadian Fabric by Simone Poirier-Bures

Threads in the

Acadian Fabric

Simone Poirier-Bures

Where Duty Lies by John Cunningham

Where Duty Lies

John Cunningham

Random Shots by David Mossman

Random Shots

David Mossman

Unpacked from PEI to Palawan by Mo Duffy Cobb


Mo Duffy Cobb

The Nova Scotia Book of Fathers edited by Lesley Choyce and Julia Swan

The Nova Scotia Book of Fathers

Lesley Choyce, Julia Swan