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A Dangerous Age by Bette Cahill

Acadia by Alfred Silver

Acting Up: Lessons from the Theatre of Life by Bill Carr

Afraid of the Dark by Guyleigh Johnson

After Swissair by Budge Wilson

Against the Grain: A Biography of Dr. John Savage by Lindsay Ruck

Age of Heroes: A Boy, A Prince and the 1797 Wreck of La Tribune by John Dickie

All Hands Lost: The Sinking of the Nova Scotian Gypsum Freighter Novadoc by Blain Henshaw

Anchorman by Bruce Graham

Angel Lady of the Maritimes by Karen Forrest

Angels and the Afterlife by Laverne Stewart

Angels of the Maritimes: By Your Side by Karen Forrest

Angels of the Maritimes - Volume Two by Karen Forrest

An Ordinary Hero: The Story of David Goldberg, WWII Canadian Spitfire Pilot by David S. New

Around the Province in 88 Days: One Woman, Two Pairs of Sneakers and 3000 Kilometres of Nova Scotian Coastline by Emily Taylor Smith

Awakening my Heart: Essays, Articles and Interviews on the Buddhist Life by Andrea Miller


Best Journey in the World by Jim Lotz

Black and Bluenose by Charles Saunders (OUT OF STOCK) 

Black Snow: A Novel of the Halifax Explosion by Jon Tattrie

The Blue Tattoo by Steven Laffoley

Boy With a Problem by Chris Benjamin

Breaking Disaster: Newspaper Stories of the Halifax Explosion by Katie Ingram

Building an Industry by Ken Easton

Buried in the Woods by Mike Parker (OUT OF STOCK) 


Call Me Doctor by Shane Neilson (OUT OF STOCK) 

Canadian Angels: By Your Side by Karen Forrest

Caplin Scull: Chronicles from a Newfoundland Outport on the Eve of Confederation by M. T. Dohaney

Cassandra's Driftwood by Budge Wilson

The Cat that Barked by Budge Wilson

Clean Sweep: A Murder Mystery by Alfred Silver

Clearing by Dawn by Maureen Hull

The Coastline of Forgetting by Lesley Choyce

Coastal Lives by Marjorie Simmons

Cold Clear Morning by Lesley Choyce

Colours in Winter by Joy Snihur Wyatt Laking

Cornwallis: The Violent Birth of Halifax by Jon Tattrie

Courage in the Storm by Thomas H. Raddall


Dancing on the Shore by Harold Horwood (OUT OF STOCK) 

Daniel Paul: Mi'kmaw Elder by Jon Tattrie

Daring, Devious and Deadly: True Tales of Crime and Justice from Nova Scotia's Past by Dean Jobb

Daystart Songflight by Brian Bartlett

Death Ship of Halifax Harbour by Steven Laffoley

Destination White Point by Frances Jewel Dickson

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Steven Laffoley

The DEW Line Years by Frances Jewel Dickson (OUT OF STOCK) 

Diligent River Daughter by Bruce Graham

Doing Time: Writing Workshops in Prison by Carole Glasser Langille

Down the Coaltown Road by Sheldon Currie

Downhome for Christmas: Holiday Stories from Atlantic Canada: Edited by Julia Swan & Lesley Choyce

Dream of the Dove by Bruce Graham (OUT OF STOCK) 

Driving Minnie's Piano: Memories of the Surfing Life in Nova Scotia by Lesley Choyce

Duddy Doesn't Live Here Anymore by Bruce Graham


Edge of Yesterday by Robert C. Parsons (OUT OF STOCK)

Elapultiek: We Are Looking Towards...  by shalan joudry

End of the Line: The Dominion Atlantic Railway - A Trip Back in Time by Mike Parker

Expect the Unexpected by Guyleigh Johnson

Extreme Sports of the Maritimes by Pat Wilson and Kris Wood (OUT OF STOCK) 


Famous at Last by Lesley Choyce

Far Enough Island by Lesley Choyce

Fine Lines by Cindy Etter-Turnbull (OUT OF STOCK) 

Finishing School by Helen Fogwill Porter

Fixing Broken Things by Gregory M. Cook

The Frenchy's Connection by Pat Wilson and Kris Wood

From the Other Side of the Fence by Jeff Nisker

From Nova Scotia to North Africa: The Story of World War II Fighter Pilot Clayton Graham by E. Ruth Smith

Frontier Town: Bear River, Nova Scotia by Mike Parker


Ghost Islands of Nova Scotia by Mike Parker

Ghosts of Nova Scotia (10th Anniversary Edition) by Darryll Walsh

Ghost Waters: Canada's Haunted Seas and Shores by Darryll Walsh

Giants of Nova Scotia: The Lives of Anna Swan and Angus McAskill by Shirley Irene Vacon

Going Over: A Nova Scotian Soldier in World War I by David Mossman

The Gold of the Yukon by Jim Lotz

Gold Rush Ghost Towns of Nova Scotia by Mike Parker (OUT OF STOCK) 

Green Ghost, Blue Ocean: No Fixed Address by Jennifer M. Smith

Green Horizons: The Forests and Foresters of Nova Scotia by Jim Lotz


A Hard Chance: Sailing into the Heart of Love by Tom Gallant

The Hardest Christmas Ever by Patrick O'Flaherty

A Halifax Christmas Carol by Steven Laffoley

Halifax: A Literary Portrait edited by John Bell

Halifax and Me by Harry Bruce

Halifax Nocturne by Steven Laffoley

The Halifax Poor House Fire: A Victorian Tragedy by Steven Laffoley

Harold and Harold by Budge Wilson

Haven in the Heart of Halifax: An Illustrated History of the Public Gardens by Peter Twohig (OUT OF STOCK)

The Hermit of Africville: The Life of Eddie Carvery (10th Anniversary Edition) by Jon Tattrie

The Hermit of Gully Lake by Joan Baxter (OUT OF STOCK) 

High Spots: The Seagoing Memoirs of Captain James Wilbur Johnston by James Johnston

High Water Mark: Atlantic Canadian Stories 1983-2023 Edited by Lesley Choyce

A History of Hangings in Nova Scotia by Deanna Foster (OUT OF STOCK)

Home for Christmas by Deirdre Kessler (OUT OF STOCK)

Homecoming: The Road Less Travelled by Wayne Curtis

The Hullabaloo Bugaboo Day by Sheree Fitch

Hunting Halifax: In Search of History, Mystery and Murder by Steven Laffoley


I Owe It All To Rock & Roll (And the CBC) by Frank Cameron

If I Knew Then What I Know Now by Carol Ann Cole

An Imperfect Healer: The Gifts of a Medical Life by Larry Kramer

The Imperfect Perfect Christmas by Budge Wilson

In Our Hands: On Becoming a Doctor by Linda E. Clarke and Jeff Nisker

In the Country by Wayne Curtis

Into the Deep Unknown by Mike Parker

In Two Voices: A Patient and a Neurosurgeon Tell Their Story by Linda E. Clarke and Michael D. Cusimano

Island Year: Finding Nova Scotia by Greg Brown

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: Ten Years of Misadventures in Coffee by Annabel Townsend

It's Not so Simple Now by Christopher Heide

Ivor Johnson's Neighbours by Bruce Graham (OUT OF STOCK) 


Just Wait...There's More - Surviving Cancer by Linda Yates


The Legacy Letters: How Trauma Affects Our Lives by Janice Landry

The Legend of Gladee's Canteen: Down Home on a Nova Scotia Beach by David Mossman

Legends and Monsters of Atlantic Canada by Darryll Walsh

Lessons Learned Upside the Head by Carol Ann Cole (OUT OF STOCK)

Life and Times of Joe Casey: From Fish to Politics by Joe Casey

The Life of Alice by Bruce Graham

Limerence by Jon Tattrie

Long Ago and Far Away by Wayne Curtis (OUT OF STOCK)

Louisbourg or Bust: A Surfer's Wild Ride Down Nova Scotia's Drowned Coast by RC Shaw

Lucy Cloud by Anne Lévesque

Lush Dreams, Blue Exile by George Elliott Clarke


Madam of the Maritimes: The Life and Times of Ada McCallum by Blain Henshaw

Madness Mayhem & Murder: More True Tails of Crime and Justice From Nova Scotia's Past by Dean Jobb

Manfred The Unmanageable Monster by Budge Wilson

The Maritime Book of Climate Change by Richard Zurawski

The Maritime Book of Days by Dan Soucoup (OUT OF STOCK)

Maritime Firsts by Dan Soucoup (OUT OF STOCK)

Masked Rider: Cycling in West Africa (First Edition) by Neil Peart (OUT OF STOCK)

May We Rant and Roar No More by Michael Paul (OUT OF STOCK)

Mean Streets: In Search of Forgotten Halifax, 1953-1967 by Steven Laffoley

Memoir: Conversations and Craft by Marjorie Simmins

The Mi'kmaq Anthology edited by Rita Joe and Lesley Choyce

The Mi'kmaq Anthology, Volume Two: In Celebration of the Life of Rita Joe edited by Theresa Meuse, Lesley Choyce, and Julia Swan

The Mill: Fifty Years of Pulp and Protest by Joan Baxter

A Mother's Road to Kandahar by Andria Hill-Lehr

Much Madness; Divinest Sense by Nili Kaplan-Myrth and Lori Hanson

Music in the Dark by Anthony Sherwood


The New Brunswick Phrase Book by Dan Soucoup

Nebooktook: In the Woods by Mike Parker

Never Speak of This Again by Brenda MacLennan-Dunphy

No Thanks, I Want to Walk: Two months on foot around New Brunswick and the Gaspe by Emily Taylor Smith

The Nova Scotia Book of Fathers edited by Lesley Choyce and Julia Swan

Nova Scotia Politics: 1945-2020 by Graham Steele

Nova Scotia: Shaped By The Sea (Newly Revised Fourth Edition) by Lesley Choyce

Nova Scotia Love Stories compiled by Lesley Choyce

Nova Scotia: Visions of the Future edited by Lesley Choyce


Ocean of Storms, Sea of Disaster by Robert C. Parsons

Oceans of Rum: The Nova Scotia Banana Fleet in Rum-Runner Heaven by David Mossman

Ode to the Unpraised: Stories and Lessons from Women I Know by Abena Beloved Green

One Strong Girl by Lesley Buxton

The Other Author Arthur by Sheree Fitch (OUT OF STOCK) 

Otto Strasser in Paradise: A Nazi in Nova Scotia by H. Millard Wright

The Other Side of the Sun: The True Story of One Refugee's Journey by Thien Tang

Our Sable Island Home by Sharon O'Hara with Mary O'Hara


Paddy Boy: Growing Up Irish in a Newfoundland Outport by Patrick O'Flaherty

The Painted Province: Nova Scotia Through an Artist's Eyes by Joy Snihur Wyatt Laking

Pardon My Frenchy's by Pat Wilson and Kris Wood

The Peddlers: The Fuller Brush Man, the Lords of Liniment and Door to Door Heroes in Nova Scotia and Beyond by Blain Henshaw

Peggy's Cove: The Amazing History of a Coastal Village by Lesley Choyce (OUT OF STOCK)

Playing at Being Bad: The Hidden Resilience of Troubled Teens by Michael Ungar

Pottersfield Nation: East of Canada by Lesley Choyce

The Price We Pay by Janice Landry

Pulling No Punches: The Sam Langford Story by Steven Laffoley


Radio Talk: Four Decades of Covering the News in Atlantic Canada by Rick Howe

Random Shots: Cheating Death and Embracing Danger – Nova Scotia to Nunavut, Africa to Australia by David Mossman

Reels, Rock and Rosaries: Confessions of a Newfoundland Musician by Marjorie Doyle (OUT OF STOCK)

Redemption Songs: How Bob Marley's Nova Scotia Song Lights the Way Past Racism by Jon Tattrie

Rescue at Moose River by Blain Henshaw

Richard Zurawski's Book of Maritime Weather by Richard Zurawski

Righting the Wrongs: Gus Wedderburn's Quest for Social Justice in Nova Scotia by Marie Riley

Robin's Impossible, Crazy Idea by Sylvia Gunnery

Rum Tales: Down Home Yarns Around a Pot-Bellied Stove by David Mossman

Runaway Horses by Alfred Silver


Salt Fires by Janet Barkhouse

Save the World For Me by Maxine Tynes

Scars and Other Stories by Don Aker

Sculpting Towards the Light by Luigi Costanzo

The Sea Among The Rocks by Harry Thurston

Seven Grains of Paradise: A Culinary Journey in Africa by Joan Baxter

Short Mercy by Colin Sweets Arsenault

Skipper: The Sea Yarns of Captain Matthew Mitchell by Frances Jewel Dickson

Shadowboxing: The Rise and Fall of George Dixon by Steven Laffoley

Sharing the Journey by Jim Lotz

Shipwrecks and Sailors of Prince Edward Island by Robert C. Parsons

Shipwrecks of New Brunswick by Robert C. Parsons

Signs of Life: Images Formed from Words and Clay by Gerri Frager

The Silence of the Vessel by Brenda MacLennan-Dunphy

Silver Linings: Stories of Gratitude, Resiliency, and Growth Through Adversity by Janice Landry

The Sixty Second Story: When Lives are on the Line by Janice Landry

Sleigh Tracks in New Snow: Maritime Christmas Stories by Wayne Curtis

The Smeltdog Man by Frank Macdonald

The Social Worker by Michael Ungar

Still Fighting For Change: Black Social Workers in Canada edited by Wanda Thomas Bernard

Stories I've Been Told by Brian Sutcliffe (OUT OF STOCK)

Suspended: Travels Close to Home by Pete Sarsfield (OUT OF STOCK)


Tapestry of Green by Bruce Graham

Teaching at the Top of the World by Odette Barr

Threads in the Acadian Fabric: Nine Generations of an Acadian Family by Simone Poirier-Bures

Through Sunlight and Shadows by Raymond Fraser

The Painted Province: Nova Scotia Through an Artist's Eyes by Joy Snihur Wyatt Laking

The Perfect Day And Other Stories by Harry Bruce

The Race to the Bottom: How Scuba Diving in Nova Scotia Saved My Life by Bob Chaulk

The Tides of Time: A Nova Scotia Book of Seasons by Suzanne Stewart

The Trouble With Everything by Lesley Choyce & Doug Barron

Time in a Bottle by Bob Chaulk (OUT OF STOCK)

Toward the Country of Light by Allan Cooper

Travels With Farley by Claire Mowat

Two More Solitudes by Sheldon Currie


Under the Electric Sky: The Legacy of Bill Lynch Shows by Christopher A. Walsh

Unfiltered: An Irreverent History of Beer in Nova Scotia by Steven Laffoley

Unpacked: From PEI to Palawan by Mo Duffy Cobb

Unspoken Truth: Unmuted and Unfiltered by Angela Bowden


Waiting for the Small Ship of Desire by Allan Cooper

Walking the Earth's Spine: A 2700 Kilometre Solo Hike Through The Himalayas by Jono Lineen

Waking Up In My Own Backyard: Explorations in Southwest Nova Scotia by Sandra Phinney

What a Friend We Have in Gloria by Bruce Graham

What We're Doing to Stay Afloat by Karin Cope

The Way We Hold On by Abena Beloved Green

When a Parent is Sick by Joan Hamilton

Where Duty Lies: A New Brunswick Soldier in the Trenches of World War I by John Cunningham

When You Look for Me by Kevin Bonang

While Crossing the Field by Deborah Banks

Wild Green Light by David Adams RichardsMargo Wheaton

Winds of Change: The Life and Legacy of Calvin W. Ruck by Lindsay Ruck

Winter Road by Wayne Curtis

Women Who Care by Nili Kaplan-Myrth, Lori Hanson, and Patricia Thille (OUT OF STOCK)

Working from Home for a Harmonious Life by Luc Desroches

Wreck Hunter: The Quest for Lost Shipwrecks by Terry Dwyer (OUT OF STOCK)

Wrecked and Ruined by Robert C. Parsons


Year of the Horse: A Journey of Healing and Adventure by Marjorie Simmins


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